Happy new year!

The market has kicked off already, I’m delighted to say that several sales have gone through over the holiday period and I’ve also had lots of new enquiries and taken on new clients. I know of some exciting off-market houses that may be just right for you. Agents are reporting an uplift in valuations, which normally translate to a further improvement in stock levels.

Autumn was also kind to me, and gave me one experience in particular that I’ll always treasure. In October I was invited by Stuart Gregory of Lentune Mortgages (someone we highly recommend and who has been helping our clients for years) to come up to London to take part in a podcast they do monthly. They’ve been doing these for a while, and they’re proving to be very popular.
Having never done anything like this before, I was rather nervous. But they couldn’t have made me feel more at ease, so the whole experience was enormous fun! The result is a very honest and therefore informative chat about the nature of the property business and what I bring to it personally.
It was recorded in Soho Studios, home to Soho Radio, a station I used to enjoy listening to when I lived in London, before I moved back out to beautiful Winchester.
Being back in the capital and reminiscing about my early days in estate agency made me realise how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learnt about the property business from all sides in the last 31 years.
I think understanding everyone’s needs is key, and that’s what really helps me to get things over the line for my clients.
The trip down memory lane in London reminded me what made me love my job from the start – helping people to achieve their goals. That passion remains the same now that I cover Winchester and beyond. Maybe that’s why business is still so good.
Please find the link below. If you have twenty minutes to spare, it will give you a good overall picture of the current market, and also the service I provide, using all those years of experience.
I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed taking part. Wonder how you would have answered the final question?

Enjoy! Podcast

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