Who we are


Kate Rossi

I had a fantastic childhood growing up in Winchester and moved to London in my early 20′s but always stayed in touch with family and friends who live here to this day. I worked in a thriving estate agents based in Fulham for over 20 years, 16 of those as manager. Not only were we the most consistently successful office in the company, we were also one of the top agents in our highly competitive area. I therefore, have extensive knowledge of buyers, sellers, agents, solicitors, surveyors and search agents! As an agent, I regularly offered my ’premium properties’ to my best search agents as I recognised their clients were serious and ready to move. I also have great understanding of how sellers and agents think – a key advantage to any prospective buyer. I decided to move back to Winchester predominently for a better quality of life for myself and my two young children plus a better choice of schools. I found the experience of juggling kids, work and relocating hugely frustrating especially as I was in the business and moving back to the place I grew up! It made me determined to help others in my situation – something I feel passionately about.