I can’t believe it has been over 5 years since I last wrote a blog! It was only when it was pointed out recently by a new enquiry who wondered if I was still in business that I was aware of just how much time had passed.

I have very much been around and active or as active as worldwide events would allow ( not just Covid but the whole uncertainty of Brexit which put a lot of people on the fence and in limbo about moving for a while ). Life too has been ever changing. Anybody with teenagers will completely get that – it’s definitely important to maintain a good sense of humour and perspective throughout!

This last year has proven to be my busiest yet. Lockdown has given people real pause for thought and time to reassess their work/life balance and to take a fresh look at their future plans. Many have brought them forward by several years. In fact and this has taken it’s toll on the market in terms of stock levels versus the sheer amount of buyers out there looking, particularly in a county such as Hampshire which offers so much in terms of schools, countryside, pretty villages, market towns, access to the coast, airports and major cities such as London. The result of this has not been much fun for many. A sharp rise in prices, sealed bids, properties under offer the same day they appear on the internet plus having very little time to make a life-changing decision if you are lucky enough to actually view it.

I am proud to say that I have managed to secure off-market properties for 95% of the clients I have worked with over the last year where they were one of only a handful of select buyers, if not the only one through the door. I have even had to turn down several new enquiries recently which I hate doing as I love helping anyone and everyone I can. This has been purely down to either their search and budget conflicting with an existing client’s, or simply due to my workload at the time. However I will always endevour to find some way of helping or working with them eventually.

Despite the stamp duty holiday passing, there appears to be no major let up in demand although things have cooled a little bit from the furious market we were in only a matter of weeks ago. Right now it feels as though there are not many new properties coming on, although September is ususally a good month for new instructions and agents are reporting to me that valuations are picking up. Having said that, due to the strong relationships I have with the key agents I have already secured 3 properties for my clients this month that were due to hit the market in autumn but we were able to get exclusive access. I have even had several of them recommend me to their sellers. It doesn’t get much better than that!


If you are struggling with your search or just want some free, unbiased advice do get in contact. I’m always happy to chat.