There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the papers and on the news currently about property prices falling and future predictions. Of course, with rising interest rates, this is a logical consequence for some parts of the country. However we have seen little, if any change in Hampshire – especially in Winchester and the surrounding areas. In fact quite the opposite.

With demand still outstripping supply ( particularly in the 1m – 3m price range ) we have not only seen prices continue to creep up, but sealed bids are still happening. One set of clients found themselves in this unfortunate situation just last week. It is always so nerve wracking and I feel for anyone who has to go through this process.

I always give the best advice I can based on the situation, and in this case it was going to be their final move as they were downsizing. I knew it would be almost impossible to find a house as ideal as this one, and in such a perfect location which offered them exactly the community they were searching for. It had the space and privacy they wanted, and the position in the village was spot on. I said they needed to focus on the value that house had for them in terms of happiness and less on whether they were paying an inflated price. It is genuine advice given the fact that, should they have lost it they might have been looking at a slightly less suitable property/location a few months down the line for a similar price to what this one might fetch anyway. They appreciated my candid opinion and managed to secure the house!

If you want a further chat about how the market is looking in the areas you are considering, please do get in touch. I will always give you honest advice with real knowledge.

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