When we started Goosechase Property Search, we were given some very sound advice by renowned London property finder, Guy Morton with whom I had completed many transactions during my years as an estate agent in Fulham.  He said he had often been approached to sell or let properties privately for clients /contacts, but he had always politely turned them down and steered them in the direction of local, reputable agents instead.  He wanted to be clear that his role was purely to find property for his clients as he did not want to ‘bite the hand that feeds him’. We couldn’t agree more.  Some search agents will handle both sides but we have always felt it is better to collaborate with estate agents and not be in competition with them.

People often struggle to understand the concept of what we do and how we differ from high street estate agents.  The answer is simple in that we act for and receive our fee from the buyer/tenant and the estate agent acts for and receives their fee from the seller/landlord.  Therefore they are more than happy to give us a heads up about new properties before they go to the open market, ‘quietly marketed properties’ that never come to the open market, or  price reductions before they go live.  Not only do they recognise that we have genuine, motivated clients by the very fact that they are paying us to find them a new home, but also as fellow professionals, they can often be more open and direct if needs be.

We work tirelessly to build strong relationships with all the key agents for our clients. In fact we have had many recommendations over the years from the agents themselves who have had buyers/vendors/tenants who are struggling to find and have needed a helping hand. We think that in itself speaks volumes!