There was a very interesting article in the Times last week about how Buying Agents can help you get the best price and save you money.  Whilst this is often the case for our clients, it is not just down to our excellent negotiating skills!  The biggest draw is the fact that due to the brilliant relationships we have worked hard to build with all the key agents, we can get our clients in to see properties ahead of them going to the open market – therefore creating an opportunity to be one step ahead.

They will often have to pay the guide price for the property if they are interested, however where they save money is by potentially avoiding having to go to best and final offers or into a ‘dutch auction’ plus they don’t have the stress of having to compete against others, especially with sealed bids where you don’t know what  or who you are up against.

Other ways we save our clients money and of course time is purely based on the amount of unsuitable properties the average buyer is shown before they find their ideal house.  Are agents always going to be honest about that industrial park next door that you don’t see on the details, or about the actual amount of road noise? We carry out all the legwork, viewing or investigating anything that matches the criteria, then we make sure that we only take our clients to see the properties that we feel would actually work for them.

Again, its not just about the time and money saved but also the frustration of having their time wasted seeing the wrong things, and missing out on all the ‘hot properties’!

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