“Kate and Teresa were wonderful! They made the task of finding us a period home, in central Winchester, within budget and to suit our needs a reality when it had only been an improbable dream.

We had been doing our own search for several months before engaging their help, but were not getting the breakthroughs we needed as the houses we liked seemed to be consistency snapped up privately or off-market through agents. We also both work and so found the search incredibly time-consuming in addition to our office hours.

The Goosechase girls have longstanding relationships with estate agents locally which enabled them to get access to the houses we couldn’t reach. They listened well and understood our brief perfectly, only showing us houses which were within that. Once they had found our ideal house (it was off-market), they then skilfully guided us through the negotiation stage, all the while steadying our fears and knowledgeably answering our questions. The fact that Kate was an estate agent for years really helped as she provided the agent’s perspective and was able to empathise with their thinking, as well as ours, which led to greater understanding and served us as a huge advantage over most buyers off the street.

As things progressed, a vendor at the other of the chain almost scuppered the sale – stressful, since we had already given notice on our rental property. However, Kate’s regular communication with the various parties at this stage meant that we made it to finish line in the end – much to our delight and relief!

We really would not be in this house without Goosechase, on so many levels, and want to WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend and endorse them for their steadying hand, expertise, contacts, communication, accessibility and good humour throughout an otherwise tortuous and challenging process – thank you SO MUCH, Kate and Teresa!”

Kevin and Louisa, Winchester September 2015


“We had had our hearts broken on two previous properties where the competition was so fierce that the price went over the asking amount. We heard about Goosechase from a friend. Within a week of engaging them we were shown a house in an area we didn’t even know about and instantly fell in love. We were able to secure the house because Goosechase got us into the property before it hit the open market. They were also able to guide us through negotiations and through a sometimes tricky conveyancing process.  We cannot wait to move into our new home later this month!”

Tom & Yana, Winchester July 2015


” We were impressed with Kate & Teresa’s indefatigability during our
Hampshire property search. We appreciated their  constructive challenges
to help us refine our needs. We have ended up with a lovely home that more
than meets our specifications !!”

Simon & Ali, Cheshire February 2015


We made the ‘big decision’ to move our family out of London and into Hampshire, and as my husband and I both lead busy lives we agreed that a relocation agent would be beneficial to us as the property market was fast and furious at the time.
I found Goosechase Property Search on the web and recognised Kate from when I had worked as a letting agent in London and knew that if anyone could find us a house she could!  Despite having worked in the letting field I found looking for a house to buy as a home for your family a daunting process, Kate and Teresa were fabulous – efficient and lots of empathy!  We looked at loads of properties on and off the market which ticked our requirements, also some which did not but which could have been of interest!  We went through two abortive purchases, before finally finding our present house – which is loved by all of the family!   Throughout the search they kept us smiling, even when things did not go our way – but for each transaction they were the ones who negotiated the deal, keeping the owners/agents up to date and us advised, informing us of what was required and handing out telephone numbers for surveyors etc from their ipads!
Kate and Teresa were fantastic in our search – they have a great knowledge of the area and house market, excellent relationship with the other agents and experienced negotiating skills! I was right Kate and Teresa did find our house!

KW, Stockbridge, July 2014


“As expats returning to the UK, and not really understanding the UK market, we decided to contract Goosechase Property Search Agents to find us our dream house.

We found Kate and Teresa of Goosechase to be efficient, friendly and knowledgeable on all aspects of finding and buying a house.  Their relationships and contacts locally with estate agents, solicitors and the general house buying/selling community is second to none. The net result is that Kate and Teresa found us exactly what we were looking for in a timely manner and for the right price.  They have also proved invaluable subsequently in advising us on local contractors and suppliers.

In summary, Goosechase Property Search Agents do exactly what it says on the tin – and much, much more!

Thank you Kate and Teresa for finding us a wonderful home.”

Mark and Davina Stevenson, April 2014


“The true value of using Goosechase was that we employed the services of local market experts, who knew the housing market in Hampshire so much better than we did moving from Scotland.  Goosechase  were also advantageous because they had an existing network of local Estate Agents, who could be confident that we were serious purchasers in a position to offer, because we were employing the services of Goosechase . Kate & Teresa were thorough in their research of our requirements, shortlisted suitable properties, managed the offer process, and then did all the sales negotiations with the agent and vendor on our behalf (saving us a huge amount of time that we just couldn’t have given ourselves  with our busy working lives). Importantly, they kept a high level of communication between all parties involved every step of the way, keeping the sales process moving forward to a positive conclusion. We are thrilled with our new Family home, and would recommend Goosechase for peace of mind as Purchasers, and to keep ahead of competitive purchasers in the South East house buying market”.

Lesley & Alasdair McKenzie,  March 2014


“We wouldn’t have found our house without Goosechase. Teresa and Kate were so cheerful and charming, and so careful to ensure they understood our wishes. When we began to doubt we’d ever find anything, Goosechase’ s confidence never wavered. They worked tirelessly on our brief and kept us regularly informed so we were never left in the dark. They saw things through right up to contract completion, easing every stage of the process, and saved us a lot of time. We heartily recommend them.”

Mr and Mrs B, Nr Alton


“We were introduced to Kate and Teresa in January.  To be honest we were not entirely clear about the added value a search company would bring, but realised that with us both having demanding jobs we needed help. From the moment we spoke to them on the phone we knew we had struck gold. Teresa and Kate’s considerable experience in property sales combined with their evident enthusiasm and love of their job made them pretty irresistible!

They started with a very lengthy visit to our existing home to see what worked and what didn’t. They took our brief of ideal location and property and within a week came back to us with a long list of properties for us to consider. Whilst sticking to our spec they also threw in some very clever wild cards to widen/challenge our thinking. We narrowed the list down to about 7 and arranged to see them all in one day (meticulously arranged). They chauffeured us around and didn’t influence us in any way.  We then did a debrief to help them, and indeed us, to understand what worked and what didn’t.  What was most interesting is that we came close to purchasing one of their wild cards, a house we would never have considered from the spec.

From then on they worked tirelessly to screen properties so that our time was not wasted on unnecessary visits. They kept our enthusiasm going when we thought we would never find the right thing, and were often able to get us into properties that were coming to market which was a great advantage.

After just over 2 months we found the house we have now bought. Kate and Teresa did all the negotiation with estate agents and were there to listen and advise when we hit a few stumbling blocks with surveys etc.

I think the hi light of our experience was hearing that , when checking out a particular area for us, they used all their powers of persuasion, guile and fabulous smiles to get a builder to come down from his ladder and give them an immediate opinion on the house they were looking at!

In conclusion they are a terrific double act, very knowledgeable, great fun to be with and possess an infectious passion for what they do. Very impressed, and great value for money.”

Nikki & Gary August 2013


“We had tried, unsuccessfully, over a significant period of time to move home, hindered by being unclear of where we wanted to move to and also a general lack of property on the market. We decided that guidance from a third party would be helpful to provide clarity to us and hoped that by employing Kate & Teresa they would, through their contacts and industry experience, unearth properties not yet formally on the market. And they did!

Throughout the process they had the patience of saints and impressive tenacity to stick with us. They had a very “hands on”, friendly manner and nothing ever seemed too much trouble. They were always available to talk to, offer advice or to investigate properties on our behalf and were genuinely interested in helping us move to the right house in the right area. And although at times we wondered whether we would ever find what we were looking for, we moved in July of this year.”

 Fiona Chalmers, August 2013. 


‘At first, I was sceptical about taking on a search agent, I thought why pay a fee when I can do this myself.

The truth is, Goosechase Search was worth every penny. I certainly would not be living in my current house if it was not for their diligent work, fantastic knowledge of the market and competent negotiation skills. They made my relocation process stress-free and seamless. They certainly went out of their way to ensure they met my demanding requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to move to Hampshire’

Miss J Jones, Nr Winchester


‘I had been looking for a weekend home to rent in the Hants/Wilts area for just over a year, without success. Goosechase were suggested to me; I got in touch, a date was made for me to view properties, most of which were fresh to the market & on March 1st I moved in to a cottage on the Newbury Downs, with the facilities I had specified, lovely views & a short car drive to the nearest village & its shopping & cultural facilities. Goosechase were very quick to note my requirements & didn’t waste time on properties which were not suitable. Teresa, with whom I dealt drove me immaculately to all the areas which interested me & I soon found the house I was looking for.Throughout my dealings with Goosechase, they showed efficiency, empathy & a real interest in finding me the right place. PR

Mrs P R Near Stockbridge


‘I had to move out of London for family reasons and had never lived in the country before so it was all very daunting.  I had been looking for a while on my own but had no knowledge of the area and was finding the whole experience frustrating and time consuming.  The girls at Goosechase were actually recommended to me by an estate agent who had shown me a couple of houses.  From the minute I met them, they understood how difficult this move was for me and showed empathy from the off.  They spent a lot of time taking me around the area – I needed to be no more than a 20 minute drive from the school that my grand daughter had got into.  I had large furniture to accomadate and one of the biggest problems was the height of the ceilings as most of the houses were too ‘cottagey’.  However the girls came up trumps and got me into see a fabulous modern house in a very private setting before it came to the open market.  They were with me every step of the way to calm my nerves – how would I cope with driving down the country lanes in the dark?  Where were the nearest shops?  Would I find it easy to integrate into the community?  Several months down the line and I could not be happier and more settled in my new home.  I use any excuse to go out for a drive just to enjoy the open green fields around me!  Teresa and Kate have been round for a cup of tea and to finally see all this big furniture that had been the bane of the search!  They made the whole process less stressful, found me a house I doubt I would have got to see without them and kept in constant contact throughout.  I would happily recommend them to anybody who might need a bit of extra help with their home search.’

ZS, near Newbury