Looking for the Forever home

Goosechase worked tirelessly to screen properties so our time was not wasted on unnecessary visits…

“We were introduced to Kate and Teresa in January. To be honest we were not entirely clear about the added value a search company would bring, but realised that with us both having demanding jobs we needed help. From the moment we spoke to them on the phone we knew we had struck gold. Teresa and Kate’s considerable experience in property sales combined with their evident enthusiasm and love of their job made them pretty irresistible!

They started with a very lengthy visit to our existing home to see what worked and what didn’t. They took our brief of ideal location and property and within a week came back to us with a long list of properties for us to consider. Whilst sticking to our spec they also threw in some very clever wild cards to widen/challenge our thinking. We narrowed the list down to about 7 and arranged to see them all in one day (meticulously arranged). They chauffeured us around and didn’t influence us in any way. We then did a debrief to help them, and indeed us, to understand what worked and what didn’t. What was most interesting is that we came close to purchasing one of their wild cards, a house we would never have considered from the spec.

From then on they worked tirelessly to screen properties so that our time was not wasted on unnecessary visits. They kept our enthusiasm going when we thought we would never find the right thing, and were often able to get us into properties that were coming to market which was a great advantage.
After just over 2 months we found the house we have now bought. Kate and Teresa did all the negotiation with estate agents and were there to listen and advise when we hit a few stumbling blocks with surveys etc.
I think the hi light of our experience was hearing that , when checking out a particular area for us, they used all their powers of persuasion, guile and fabulous smiles to get a builder to come down from his ladder and give them an immediate opinion on the house they were looking at!

In conclusion they are a terrific double act, very knowledgeable, great fun to be with and possess an infectious passion for what they do. Very impressed, and great value for money.”