Kate Rossi

I had a fantastic childhood growing up in Winchester and moved to London in my early 20’s but always stayed in touch with family and friends who live here to this day.  I worked in a thriving estate agents based in Fulham for over 20 years, 16 of those as manager.  Not only were we the most consistently successful office in the company, we were also one of the top agents in our highly competitive area.  I therefore, have extensive knowledge of buyers, sellers, agents, solicitors, surveyors and search agents!  As an agent, I regularly offered my ‘premium properties’ to my best search agents as I recognised their clients were serious and ready to move.  I also have great understanding of how sellers and agents think – a key advantage to any prospective buyer.  I decided to move back to Winchester predominently for a better quality of life for myself and my two young children plus a better choice of schools.  I found the experience of juggling kids, work and relocating hugely frustrating especially as I was in the business and moving back to the place I grew up!  It made me determined to help others in my situation – something I feel passionately about.

Teresa Jacobs

I have a family background in Estate Agency. My great grandfather founded an agency in Petersfield which is still going strong and until recently there has always been a Jacobs working there.  Although therefore immersed in the property business from an early age I initially chose a different path. I worked mainly in sales and marketing for corporate companies, before moving into estate agency work a few years ago, working for a well regarded agency in the country house market in Hampshire which I loved and which gave me a good knowledge of both the sales and rental markets in the area. I also worked with some very demanding clients, landlords, search agents and buyers. I have always been passionate about property. I have renovated several houses…and am currently on yet another project! I have also moved around the country many times, from the south of England to Edinburgh, back to London and lastly moving six years ago from Oxfordshire back to Hampshire where I grew up. This move was to bring me back closer to family ties and also for the schooling opportunities. I achieved this move with my husband working away a lot and 2 small children in tow, so I understand only too well the pitfalls of relocating, especially at a distance and have every sympathy with those of you trying to do the same.