Buying a property has changed so much since I started in the business back in 1991.  Back then, there were no property websites, no floorplans, virtual tours or location maps – you were lucky to get anything more than an external photo and a brief description!  Agents had to be proactive and get on the phone to their buyers to get them out viewing  and buyers were therefore far more open minded – they had less of a chance to dismiss a property before actually seeing it.  Sadly that is not the case since the internet has become the first stop shop for most people to look for their new home.  Of course this helps buyers get a good feel for what is available in their price range and what has sold in that area, however should you be so quick to dismiss a property this way?

There have been many times where we’ve taken clients to view houses they had already seen and dismissed on the web. Not only have they been surprised and really liked them – in several cases they actually bought them!  Whilst the web is a good tool to save time as there will be properties that just aren’t going to be suitable for you, we are great believers that there is no substitute for getting out and viewing, putting some trust in the estate agent or search agent – because you never know, that property you are dismissing could be the perfect property for you.

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