People often ask why we set up Goosechase Property Search  – the answer is simple.  We are both driven by a passion for helping people and all things to do with property.  That is why we are happy to work with any budget and any challenge!

We are also often asked how we met. Teresa and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend who knew that we were both keen to come out of agency where you are working purely for the seller/landlord  and to set up a company where we could focus on people who were struggling to decide on the right location for their needs or to find that perfect property to buy or rent and needed a helping hand.  She also felt we would compliment each other in terms of our various skills and experience.  She organised a lunch at her house one sunny afternoon and the rest as they say is history!

It was a gamble setting up a business with somebody you had only just met, but we both had a good gut feeling and took the plunge.  It paid off and, as is the case of most great relationships, only gets stronger as time goes by.

Why Goosechase?  Well, you will probably know from experience – searching for the right property can often feel like a ‘wild goose chase’.  It is a name that not only resonates with the majority, but it is also a name that puts a wry smile on most peoples faces!



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