A year ago I heard that Amberley Publishing were looking for someone to compile the Winchester edition of their ‘Through Time’ series. It seemed like the perfect project for me; I enjoy photography, love old postcards and know the city well, having lived here for most of my life.

But I have often envied visitors their first visit to Winchester; seeing them explore the City for the first time. Working on this book enabled me to to re-immerse myself in Winchester’s history, and in doing so I discovered new facts and was reminded of things I once knew, but had forgotten.

I spent the next six months researching for postcards, and sourcing images at the Local Archives Library. I set off with one of my many lists and my camera and dodged the bad weather where I could. A library of books at home were more than enough to give me the information for the captions. It all came together thanks to my lists, trusty Canon and scanner, and the fast approaching deadline was met.

A few months on, the book is continuing to sell well and I am very proud of its success. But ultimately I am proud of Winchester and feel fortunate to be living here. The book has re-inspired me and more than ever I am appreciating all that the City has to offer, from its incredible history, diverse architecture, to its beautiful open spaces. I still go out with my camera and join the many visitors who are seeing things for the first time. Maybe there will be another book!