Statistics show that more people than ever are taking advantage of the ever rising prices in London by cashing in and moving to the country.  The south is a very popular destination, particularly Hampshire for its excellent schools, transport links and of course the fantastic quality of life here.  No matter what your lifestyle and tastes are, there is something for everyone here.  We have a useful page on this website that goes into more detail and if our clients are unfamiliar with our lovely county, we are always happy to take them out on ‘orientation tours’ once we have sat down and worked out what area’s might work best for them.  Of course its not just Hampshire that we specialise in, we also cover the counties that border us – we have completed searches and built excellent contacts in Berkshire, West Sussex, Dorset and Surrey.  No matter what the requirements, budget or area – we never give up and leave no stone unturned!


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