As we are always saying, we are immensely proud of our testimonials and we received another lovely one this morning.  These clients really took the brunt of the intensely competitive market we experienced in the first half of this year.  They were put into a contract race on the first property we found them – and despite the fact that they were well ahead of the other party, those buyers took the massive risk of exchanging without a mortgage offer…something that is so rare and took us all, including the agents, by surprise!

They were then gazumped several times on the second property, nothing to do with the agent – the buyers kept going direct to the vendor!   After all this, they then had to make the agonising decision to withdraw due to legal complications relating to part of the land that came with the house.

We finally found them a magnificent barn conversion – it could have been straight out of Grand Designs and the location was idyllic.  We firmly believe everything happens for a reason, especially when it comes to property, and this was definitely the best of the three!

Please click here to read their story – its the most recent on our testimonial page.

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