As an agent, I always found autumn to be the most stressful of the four seasons – mainly due to what is one of my favourite times of the year….Christmas or the dreaded ‘C’ word as we named it!  Apart from the annual argument about who had to work the week before, and who had to work the ‘graveyard shift’ between Christmas and New Year, it felt that for most of our vendors and buyers, the world seemed to end on December 25th.

It is a fraught time of year in general – everyone is busier and stress levels are high.  However if I had a pound for every time I heard the line “if it doesn’t complete before Christmas, we are pulling out” I might be able to afford that second home after all!  Normally sane people making totally insane decisions, unable to step back and see the bigger picture.  Unfortunately that is the nature of this business, and it was our job as agents, and is still our job as property finders, to try to make people understand that they will be living in their new homes for many years, therefore not getting the exact move in date they hoped for shouldn’t be a reason to walk away.  Principles and getting fixated on the more minor details of a transaction can really get in the way when buying or selling a property – this is mainly driven by the overall stress and emotion of the whole process and is completely understandable.  However, pulling out of a sale for these reasons can cost you a lot more than the time and money invested so far – you may end up buying a house you don’t like as much potentially for a higher price which I have seen happen far too often.  This is why ‘compromise compromise compromise’ is as important as ‘location location location’…

We have often said that we are as much counsellors as we are property finders – this is never truer than at the festive time of year!


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