What is happening in the London property market tends to ripple out to the rest of the country at some point so whether you live there or not, its always good to keep an eye on what is going on there.  However in recent years this hasn’t always been the case.  One thing that has happened recently is the sheer volume of people buying property as rental investments  has without doubt affected the rental market and prices.  A flat I own in Fulham and rent out has always gone within days of coming to the market – this time it took almost a month which demonstrated for me just how saturated the market must have become.  So much so, that  for the first time I have considered whether it would be prudent to take my money out of London and re-invest it in a property closer to home.  Bournemouth seems to be a really good option as an area for investors at the moment, Southampton is also an area to consider.  You seem to get a much better return and the demand for quality rental properties in these area’s for company lets or from professionals is still high.  I will be speaking to lots of relevant agents about this over the next few months so if you are thinking of doing the same – please get in contact!

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