Brockenhurst is one of the most popular villages in the New Forest and is affectionately known as ‘Brock’ by its inhabitants.  The name actually means ‘the badgers wood’ and you can often find a New Forest pony strolling past the bank much to the bemusement of tourists!  The churchyard of the parish church of St Nicholas includes a famous, intricately carved monument to Harry Mills, a renowned local character and snake-catcher, who died in 1905.  He lived in a hut in the forest and made his living by catching adders, which he would kill and bake and then make an ointment from their fat which he sold as a remedy for rheumatism, bruises and other ailments.  The memorial shows him standing outside his forest hut, with a handful of snakes.  He was a regular customer at the Railway Inn in the town, which is now called the Snakecatcher in his memory.

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